IT Burn is a Norwegian company with Norwegian, Swedish, Ukrainian, and Poland staff. We are dedicated to continuously developing our talents - aiming to yield the optimum results for every project.
About us
Our company developed in 2018 and is in active growth. We have one office in Norway, three offices in Ukraine, and plans for further expansion into several other EU/EEA countries. Our network is vast, and we have helped several established companies and startups to grow.
Company in numbers
Customers that have partnered with us have expressed their satisfaction in every way. While some have prolonged their contracts with us, those who haven't are recommending us to other companies.
Our multicultural team with more than 40% of our staff being women, constantly increasing our numbers with more talented people as our team keeps growing with our new and future tasks.
Our network is vast. We are recruiting in the best cities of Ukraine, as well as other countries, to be in the lead of technology development and trends - keeping your business competitive!
IT-burn outstaffing solutions provide clients with access to a vast pool of talent at a cost nearly 50% cheaper than other companies. You get a team built to your specification and for a fraction of the cost.
Scale your development for peak loads
We are providing our clients with a stable and trustworthy partnership, we are in for the long haul. We have proudly and professionally gained the trust of our clients.
Improve company focus
We recruit and source for every technology available within our market, which thankfully includes almost any and all you could hope to find.
Increase productivity
No matter the size we commit ourselves to being able to find the amount of talent you need. Our IT outstaffing services provide you with access to the vast area of resources and the infrastructure in place to grow your team.

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